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CTC Stimulus Check: Amount Of Money The IRS Sent Out

Since millions of American citizens would be receiving their stimulus check in the next few days, it is prudent that they track their payment. This will follow the procedure which has been set up by the latest child tax credit update from the Internal Revenue Services. The agency went on to share some early details of the second round of payments for the child tax credit system.

The second check from this update will follow a pathway of six-check series which will be sent out on the 13th of August. This stimulus payment would provide eligible families with a few hundred dollars per eligible child. Also, the checks would be delivered by December. 

CTC Stimulus Check update

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The agency had previously set the 15th day of each month as the date they would be sending out the CTC stimulus check payments. These were supposed to begin in July, and finish by December- by when all the checks would have been sent. Interestingly, the current month saw the 15th of August fall on a Sunday, which is why the IRS decided to send in the money on the 13th of August.

This was the date when most direct deposits for the child tax credit check started coming to the bank accounts. Now if the IRS doesn’t really have the details of your bank account, you might have to wait for a few days for the check to arrive in your mailboxes. 

Several families need to be aware of the preponing of the dates as stated by the IRS about its CTC stimulus check update. In their official statement, the IRS wanted to alert their recipients who had received the payment the previous month that they would be receiving the current month’s payment through the mail. They are currently undergoing an issue that should ideally be fixed by September, by when a very small fraction of the population would be receiving money via paper checks. 

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The IRS also has good news coming out for those who were affected by the stimulus check payment in September, they should automatically be reverted to a direct deposit. 

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