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CTC Stimulus Check Update: Important Information

The current year has seen around four different CTC Stimulus check payments sent to millions of eligible families. But it is also true that the payments will soon be drawing to a close- as there are just a couple of payments left. The other end of the money will be sent out in one huge sum- during tax time next year.

With the final payments coming in, some of the families are still waiting for the payments of the previous months- while others have been receiving adjusted amounts if they didn’t already receive the payments. 

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Along with that, the IRS has also been embroiled in a few issues with CTC stimulus check payments- which include delayed changes and glitches to the IRS update portal. Most families still won’t be able to update their IRS information, like the number of dependents, and their income- since the agency hasn’t yet made that feature available to the public.

But there is still ample time for anyone to unenroll from the child tax credit payments- if you find your family in a complicated situation- tax-wise- that could lead to some repayment. You could also unenroll if you would prefer to get the rest of the credit the following year. The next deadline for signing out is on the 1st of November. 

All the paydays for CTC Stimulus Check payments

The next CTC stimulus check payment would be going out on the 15th of November by direct deposit and through paper checks. One should bear in mind that they would be receiving half of the payments every month of the year, while the rest of the payments would be sent in 2022- when you file your taxes unless you have already informed the IRS that you intend to unenroll from the rest of the payments to receive them the next year. 

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This implies that you would be receiving your largest CTC stimulus check payment the next year. Till then, you will be receiving a total of six other payments which you can utilize to the fullest. 

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