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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Dance Gavin Dance Vocalist Tilian Pearson Surrounded By Allegations

After charges of sexual misconduct arose this week, Tilian Pearson, the clean vocalist for post-hardcore act Dance Gavin Dance, has left the band. The revelation comes less than two months after Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick died suddenly and tragically.

Pearson assaulted a woman around the time of Dance Gavin Dance’s Swanfest, according to a woman who wrote on Reddit in April. The victim reported an unstable and inebriated Pearson striking her across the face and having forcible sex with her on several occasions.

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However, hours later, another lady came out on Reddit to share her own experience with Tilian Pearson. This woman identified herself as a longtime fan of the band who went on a date with Pearson and was coerced into having sexual intercourse with him despite telling him many times that she didn’t want to.

Tilian Pearson rejected the allegations in a Reddit post that was later deleted but posted by Loudwire, saying that he was “extremely vulnerable” during the alleged encounter and that “every sexual act was totally consenting.”

They further stated that they took sexual assault seriously, and wants to be clear that there was never a moment when anything was not consensual. He understands that there is a period of learning out each other’s preferences in a new sexual relationship, but there is no doubt that their physical contact ever went into anything approximating abuse.

Tilian Pearson Seeks Professional Help 

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Following recent sexual misconduct claims, Dance Gavin Dance officially announced on June 3rd, Friday that Tilian Pearson, the vocalist, will be leaving the band to “seek professional help.”

The remaining band members will perform as scheduled per their tour dates for this summer. Jackpot Juicer, their album, will also be released on July 29th as planned, according to the statement. “We all put a lot of effort into this album, and it’s Tim’s final recorded work, so we want to make sure we give it the full release attention it deserves to respect his legacy.”

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