Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Fame Get Vocal About Their Break Up

NIck Thompson

After being married for more than a year, Season 2 ‘Love Is Blind’ stars, Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson have decided to go their separate ways.

Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Another ‘Love Is Blind’ Pair To Bite The Dust

Danielle and Nick took to their respective social media handles on Wednesday to elucidate their experiences about this very unfortunate period of their lives. 

Danielle Ruhl, 29, said on Insta that she would always be grateful to those who had been a part and parcel of her exodus. They had been with her through thick and thin and had always watched her back. Irrespective of the fact that the relationship did not work out she said that on the show she had made some amazing friends and had got a fresh viewpoint on life.

Loving oneself is the key to remaining happy. With a faithful band of people around her, she is very optimistic about the future. Nick, 36, on the other hand, was totally distraught. He stated that it was a very challenging time of his life. He was trying his level best to deal with this tragic turn of events in his life. He was channelizing his feelings in a positive manner with the help of his close friends and family. In all of life’s twists and turns, one has to have faith in oneself and keep moving forward.

Danielle and Nick’s fans were stunned at the news of their divorce. Just two months ago in July Ruhl had expressed her heartfelt wish of redoing their marriage vows with great fanfare and pomp.

They were one of the last pairs of ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 to be still going strong. Pity that it did not last.