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DAO Has Adapted The Technology Of Web 3.0

Currently, there have been works about an Earth Fund which is a climate-conscious decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This organization welcomes the involvement of everyone dealing in conserving the climate and has firmly adopted Web 3.0 and blockchain technology in order to bring the dream to reality.

Alex Vergara, the community and communication lead for the non-profit, stated that the mission of this organization was to create the Earth Fund into a platonic ideal that would help others understand how people could work together in order to totally fight climate change.

Earth Fund DAO Aiming At Global Conservation

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The importance of DAO comes from the fact that global warming has been slowly jeopardizing the survival of humanity as a species. There have been quite a few initiatives to stem its progress worldwide, 

which includes 26 COP or Conference of Parties meetings since the Earth Summit took place in Rio in 1992. Currently, two features have largely defined the major agreements and the initiatives like that.

Firstly, there has been a massive overdependence on the big businesses and politicians to drive the agenda- which has fallen flat on its face. And secondly, the meetings have started turning into more talk and less bite- with promises of action but underdelivering on the implementation front. 

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The only saddening result that comes from this is that a major part of the global population feels completely excluded from the deliberations on such matters, on which the whole civilization depends. Additionally, the push for sustainability has finally taken off- after several ifs and starts, and the successes for these are closer to the Blue Moon. Therefore, in order to make some significant progress, the whole situation needed an overall change, which is where the challenge of the Earth Fund- a DAO- was taken up.

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