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Daughter Of Dwayne Johnson Determined To Silence Critics

Simone Johnson, Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, is fighting back against internet criticism leveled at her for the choice of her professional name. She went on to plead with them to be more creative.

Simone, who is signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), announced on Sunday, May 29 that she would choose Ava Raine as her ring name. Fans were disappointed right away, as they expected the twenty-year-old to pay respect to her renowned father Dwayne Johnson Aka The Rock. 

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People were slightly bummed after she chose against the name “The Pebble” after her dad The Rock. An astounding number of individuals suggested that she should go by the nickname “Pebble” in a series of tweets.

Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Fighting Back

Dwayne Johnson’s daughter is the fourth generation wrestler in the family. Simone didn’t seem to mind the criticism, telling her followers that she is well aware of it. She rather implored people to come up with something new, in a tweet. 

She further revealed her WWE persona by changing her Twitter handle to @AvaRaineWWE and sharing a GIF of Fairuza Balk’s character Nancy Downs in the 1996 film “The Craft.”

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She signed a contract with WWE in 2020, but her debut was postponed due to a knee injury. Simone also shared a screenshot of a search made on Google for several types of rocks. Requested people not put under the xx category. 

Simone defended herself as admirers continued tweeting their uninvited thoughts. The tweets stated how she was aware of sounding like a broken record and hoped that was her last time saying it. At the same time, she was not sure why people portrayed her as an independent person from the name associated with her family is such a contentious issue. According to her, any earlier accomplishments by anyone in the family were not diminished by a name.

She also added that it was easier for her to base her entire career around her father but how people would still criticize her regardless. Simone remarked, seemingly unfazed by the criticism.

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