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David Archuleta Opens Up About His Sexuality And Faith!

David Archuleta, former star of “American Idol” asks people to show compassion and have more understanding toward LGBTQIA+. In his new post on Instagram, David Archuleta, former star of “American Idol”, who is from Utah, comes out and talks about his sexuality and faith recently. Archuleta talked about how he is so uncertain and unsure regarding his sexuality. He also talked about how uncertain he is about understanding and balancing his sexuality hand in hand with his religion and faith. David Archuleta is a believer of The Church created for Latter-Day Saints. 

David Archuleta Seems Very Uncertain About His Sexuality!

In the lengthy Instagram post, he also added that previously he liked to keep his faith and sexuality to himself, however, he also believes that this is a very significant thing to share. He shared so much and talked about his faith and sexuality because he thinks there are a lot of people who feel similar to him.

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He knows people from different religious upbringings. David Archuleta also talked about how he is very open and frank to his close family and himself for a lot of years now, and he feels that is the main reason behind his uncertainty regarding his sexuality. He came out to his family as a gay person in 2014. 

But then he realized that he also has feelings towards people of both genders. That is why he is now thinking that there might be a bisexual spectrum in him. Then David Archuleta realized that he doesn’t have many sexual urges and desires like most people. However, this thing works for him because he plans on saving himself until marriage. People generally call those with less or no sexual urges asexual. 

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