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David Beckham Queues Up For 13 Hours To Mourn The Queen

David Beckham and his wife Victoria have been spotted waiting in line for 13 hours outside of Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. This is just one example of how down to earth the couple really is — they’re willing to wait outside in the cold with thousands of other people just so that he can meet the monarch.

David Beckham waited in line for 13 hours outside of Buckingham Palace to honor Queen Elizabeth II for her 70 years on the throne. The former soccer player, who is married to Victoria Beckham, was first in line and arrived at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning with his wife by his side. “It was incredible,” he told reporters after his visit with the queen ended at 3 p.m., according to People magazine. “She’s so beautiful, so happy and she looks amazing.”

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The royal couple greeted thousands of well-wishers as they made their way into Buckingham Palace for their annual inspection of guardsmen standing outside St James’s Palace—a tradition that dates back centuries but started in 1952 when George VI began inspecting troops from one balcony while Queen Elizabeth II watched from another across the road.” I’m very proud,” an emotional Philip said after inspecting the guardsmen during this year’s ceremony held at Buckingham Palace Wednesday morning. “They’re wonderful men who do a great job every day.”

David Beckham Mourns The Queen

He and his wife Victoria waited patiently in the cold with thousands of other people just to meet the monarch, even though he’s been knighted by her. The couple also got to take selfies with Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton.

David Beckham is a very humble man who appreciates the importance of serving others, no matter how famous or rich you are. He was very excited about meeting Queen Elizabeth II because she has been an inspiration for him throughout his life journey as a professional soccer player, fashion designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.”

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Victoria and David Beckham are so down to earth! They’re not afraid to wait in line for 13 hours, stand in the cold and get their picture taken with the Queen. “We were so excited,” Victoria said of the experience. “I thought I was going to cry when she came out!”

The couple were among an estimated 2,000 people who attended the event at Windsor Castle on Tuesday (November 20) to pay their respects following her death at age 103 last month (Oct19). The former England football captain waited patiently alongside his wife – who had been given special permission from Buckingham Palace staff – before eventually meeting Her Majesty and telling her how much he loved everything about her reign …

But rather than rushing straight home after spending time with Her Majesty, David also took part in a wreath-laying ceremony at St George’s Chapel where he laid flowers on behalf of his family.

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