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David Harbour Suspected An Unsuccessful Stranger Things

David Harbour is one of the biggest stars at the moment in the American entertainment industry. He is an accomplished actor and has appeared in a lot of popular movies and television series. David has been highly appreciated for his versatility. Such a talent has earned him numerous fans from all over the world. However, Harbour is now a world-famous figure, thanks to his impeccable acting in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Stranger Things has taken the world by storm. The four seasons have been smashing hits and fans are eagerly waiting for the Duffer Brothers to finally release the fifth season. However, things were not at all brighter initially, or so did some of the cast members thought. David was one of them.

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After the immense success of the fourth season, David Harbour opened up about his thoughts during the initial days. He stated that while shooting the fourth episode of the first season, he had a chat with his makeup artist. Both of them were of the opinion that Stranger Things will surely fail. They thought that the crowd would not at all be interested to see the show. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

David Harbour Reveals His Pessimistic Thoughts About Stranger Things 

David Harbour has almost become a household name for the fans of Stranger Things. Harbour plays a very important role in the show- Jim Hopper. He is portrayed as the Chef of Police at Hawkins. Surprisingly, none of the cast thought that the show would be a hit. 

In fact, they all thought that Stranger Things would be a big failure. They even thought that Stranger Things would be so poorly received by the crowd that it would not even be getting a second season on Netflix. 

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