Delphi Labs Has Shifted Its Focus On Research

delphi labs

Delphi Digital, the most famous crypto research firm in the country, recently shifted its focus of the research and development protocol arm Delphi Labs to the ecosystem of Cosmos. The research arm has been the protocol for Delphi Digital, with a team of around 50 aimed at incubating the Web3 primitives.

The R&D arm has previously been immersed in developing and researching protocols on Terra but was forced to start looking into other ecosystems after it collapsed on to itself in May. Delphi Digital, on the other hand, is an independent investment and research firm that was instituted in 2018 that usually provides institutional-grade analysis of the digital market for assets, which was launched by its wing in 2021. 

Delphi Labs Has Been Shifted To Cosmos

In quite a lengthy report that was published on Thursday, the parent company stated that the team had already analyzed a range of different blockchain ecosystems which would be determining which was the most suitable for its needs- particularly in relation to decentralized finance but was finally shifted to the Cosmos ecosystem. In what was described as an ecosystem of interoperable blockchains, Delphi Labs went on to Cosmos after deciding that this was the best ecosystem to focus the R&D on. It also pointed towards the ability of the ecosystem to benefit from a large number of app chains and cross-chain interoperability as one of its major positives. 

Delphi Labs went on to note that the chain liquidity, speed, decentralization, cross-chain interoperability, code portability, and technical maturity were some of the key factors which helped them decide Cosmos as the place to be even though the ecosystem has been lacking when compared to other ecosystems like Ethereum.