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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Delta Is Planning To Launch NFT Explorer Soon

The tracker of investment, Delta, made an announcement that they will expand into NFTs by enabling the customers to know more about it besides their holdings in funds, cryptocurrency, and stock. Delta, company is an explorer of multi-assets that gives its customers a complete, clear, and single overview of the company’s investment portfolio. 

All the Information About Delta And Ways It Sounds Promising

Delta provides users to see and keep a track of the stocks, cryptos, funds, and NFTs and also helps them to stay on the top by giving them charts and tools that will help in their decision making. The customers can directly connect the Web3 wallets with the application of DEL and keep a record of the NFTs besides their other assets. 

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In recent times, only wallets of Ethereum are live with the objective to have a multichain in the latter half of this year. Not only the customers can watch their NFTs but also track the other 18 million NFTs in the market. In the words of Nicolas Van Hoorde who is the CEO of Delta, the majority of the investors juggle numerous applications related to finance which makes it tiring to have a correct investment overview. 

Delta on the other hand has connected with more than 5,000 banks and numerous brokers and can provide all the information about their investments. Last year, NFTs became totally mainstream. As per current data of NonFungible, the average total NFT transaction value in the whole world is nearly $100 million which shows that it has increased to 21,350%. 

On 13th April, Delta has organized a live webinar that will be based on NFTs and will feature Hoorde and Bert Dries, a millionaire of cryptocurrency who became rich after selling his NFTs. DEL is the only application that enables people to view their investments live.

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