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Demi Moore Shares A Rare Family Picture

Demi Moore is the mother of three precious daughters namely Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah with ex-husband Bruce Willis and Willis is the father of two more daughters Mebel and Evelyn with his current partner Emma Heming Willis.

The blended family has been showering love on Bruce Willis this Christmas season. Demi Moore takes a picture to Instagram captioning it to be one family and ready to get into the spirit of holidays. The photo was a group snapshot showing the blended family- Bruce Willis surrounded by Demi Moore and their daughters. The picture included Willis’ current wife with both their daughters.

Demi Moore Cherishing Her Time With Her Husband And Family

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The staircase which is garland-wrapped and a Christmas tree are where the combined family shoots the picture. It also shows Willis holding Pilaf, who is Tallulah’s dog. The other pictures in the streak feature Heming Willis and Bruce Willis at the dinner table, smiling and holding hands.

In order to celebrate the holidays the family met at the beginning of this month. Tallulah uploaded a picture of herself, Demi Moore, and Pilaf on Instagram who had been snuggling into each other and Pilaf and Willis locking their eyes. The picture captioned as the communication between Papa and Pilaf is like a laser beam and is stunning. However, the sweet memory of the family dinner was not only shared by Tallulah.

Two pictures on the Instagram story were uploaded by Scout too featuring Willis, Tallulah, and Heming Willis at the dinner table. Nonetheless, the other picture shows Pilaf in Willis’ arms while the couple is also spotted holding hands in the other photo. The photo is captioned dinner night with family by Scout on her Instagram story. 

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In March the family announced Willis stepping away from his acting career after being diagnosed with aphasia which is a linguistic disorder that has been meddling with his cognitive abilities of Willis.

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