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Demi Moore Wished Ex-Husband Bruce Wills On His 67th Birthday

Demi Moore, 59, has wished ex-husband Bruce Willis on his 67th birthday. She was married to the star of Pulp Fiction in 1987 and they separated in 2000. They have 3 children between them while Bruce has two daughters with Emma Heming, his current wife. Demi Moore paid tribute to their ‘blended family.’

Bruce Willis turned 67 on the nineteenth. Alongside a picture of the two stars in the kitchen, Moore wished Willis a Happy Birthday and expressed thankfulness to their blended family.

Demi Moore Has Always Been Thankful For Their Extended And Blended Family

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The star of Ghost had earlier sent her well-wishes to her ex-husband on this special day, and it appears that she had made it a tradition to pay tribute to their blended family.

Even in 2021, she had sent a similar message where she mentioned her three beautiful daughters and their blended families.

Demi Moore was married to Ashton Kutcher following her separation from Bruce Willis. They were married in 2005 and the marriage lasted 8 years.

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One of her daughters Rumer was thankful to her parents for encouraging honest conversation between themselves. She said that we need to strive to have a genuinely honest and meaningful conversation.

It is the honesty and the communication between members that are well and truly desirable. She said that she is thankful that their parents were committed to making this really was committed to making this a


Willis married Emma in 2009 and the couple has two daughters. During the pandemic, More Willis and his 5 daughters were quarantined together in 2020.

In an interview with Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore said that despite the tragedy and the challenges during the pandemic, there have also been many blessings and gifts. She expressed thankfulness for the time they could spend together during those difficult times.

They were subsequently joined by Bruce’s wife, Emma. Bruce Willis said that it was important that the sisters keep together and get to know each other. He was thankful for the sweet and silly time they spent together.

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