Denise Richards Supports Her Daughter

Denise Richards

Denise Richards is one of the most prominent names in the American entertainment industry. She was known as a sex symbol in the prime of her career. Denise came into the spotlight with her bold photoshoots and her stint in the “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”. However, the last few weeks have not been the greatest for Denise. She has been involved in an ugly fight with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. Charlie is an established actor and is famous for his acting in the popular television series ” Two n a half men”. A recent comment has been made by Denise about her ex-husband. She stated that Charlie did not have the right to judge the actions of their daughter.

Sami Sheen is the daughter of Charlie and Denise. She has recently opened an account on OnlyFans. OnlyFans is one of the most famous adult websites where account holders post nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves and get paid handsomely. Charlie had earlier stated that he did not want to comment on the incident as Sami does not stay under his roof. Denise appreciated her daughter and said that Charlie did not have the right to judge Sami even if she was living under his roof. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Denise Richards Appreciates Sami Sheen 

Denise Richards has extended her support towards their daughter Sami Sheen. Denise stated that she felt proud of her daughter. Denise said that opening an account on an adult website needs a significant amount of courage.

Denise Richards stated that her daughter showed the grit to shut down all the critics. Richards stated that being a sex symbol herself, she very well knew how nasty the criticism could get. However, she was happy that her daughter chose an independent path where she will be handsomely rewarded.