Diana Jenkins To Distribute Funds To Tom Girardi’s Alleged Victims

Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins said on Monday that she is getting ready to provide the relatives of the victims of Lion Airplane Flight 610, who have been advised by notorious lawyer Tom Girardi, and over $102k.

Diana Jenkins tells the page six outlet that when she came to know about the tragedy, he knew that he wanted to do things to help those families.

She said that she knew the pain of people losing their loved ones necause of tragic incidents. She said that she wanted to thank those who helped her in this fundraising and she hope that these efforts can get some comfort to all those families of the victims.

Jenkins is giving the majority of the funds intended to assist the families of the 189 individuals died in the 2018 airline tragedy in Indonesia, as per president of GVNG Robbie Tombosky.

Diana Jenkins willing To Help Tom Girardi’s Victims:

The president in a statement thanked Diana Jenkins for her generosity and all of those who helped her raise the fund to help those families of the victims in that tragic crash of the airplane.

Jenkins wishes the additional funds would bring some solace to those who have lost loved ones and friends.

The Bosnian philanthropist in a press release said that as these fundraising efforts are now coming to an end, she looks forward to work with the government to make sure the victims’ family benefit from it.

Jenkins initially discussed her strategy for assisting Girardi’s victims in Sept. The divorced wife of the wrongful dismissal suit, Erika Jayne, also appears on the reality television show “RHOBH,” and the reality TV newcomer stated in an Instagram story that she has not been aware of the plane disaster until it “became a topic of conversation” on the show.