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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Diddy Planning To Boycott Adidas After Kanye West’s Feud With Brand

Kanye West and Swizz Beatz have entered the battle against Adidas.

The “Donda” rapper, 45, has been engaged in a public dispute with Adidas and Gap, two businesses he previously had partnerships with to market his Yeezy brand. He claims they have stolen his designs and excluded him from meetings about his products.

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Diddy (age 52) and Swizz Beatz (age 43), two rappers and music producers, have rushed to their social media accounts to express their support for West in the wake of Ye’s public shaming of the businesses.

A red “x” had been placed over a product image of the the sportswear brand shoes that resembled the Yeezys shown on another slide in the post.

Swizz Beatz and Diddy, a rapper and music producer, also showed their support for West by uploading a photo of the shoes with the statement, “I normally mind my business, but this is DEAD WRONG! This will also happen to us if we allow them to do this to @kanyewest.

Diddy To Boycott Adidas After The Brand’s Feud With Kanye West: 

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Tuesday afternoon saw further posts from West about Adidas, this time including the chief creative officer of the garment company, Alasdhair Willis, who is wed to Paul McCartney’s daughter.

The “The Life of Pablo” artist, who debuted his first Yeezy line in 2015 under the Adidas moniker, has previously expressed his displeasure with the company.

The well-known rapper rapidly uploaded a photo to Instagram in June, after which he quickly erased it, accusing Adidas of copying his ideas when they released the Adilette 22 slide sandals.

Later, Mr. West claimed that Adidas had created “Yeezy Day,” a brand-created holiday celebrated on August 2, without his permission. Diddy supports West in the feud.

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