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Diego Calva Makes Mother Proud

Diego Calva, a nominee for the Golden Globe, opens up to PEOPLE about getting the golden opportunity to work with Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, the co-stars of Babylon. He feels very grateful. Diego makes his Hollywood debut in an ensemble including Jean Smart, Margit Robbie, Tobey Maguire, Eric Roberts, Brad Pitt, and Flea. 

On winning the best comedy actor at the Golden Globe, the 30-year-old Mexican actor, Diego Calva reveals to PEOPLE that the best part about Babylon was seeing his mother proud of his success, ranking the hangout with the superstar on number two. 

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Diego Calva is happy to see that emotion in his mother’s eyes. He claims of his mother living a life like some movie. He feels overwhelmed to be the reason his mother counts her blessings and he also feels that it is one of the most joyous moments in his life that he can share with his loved one.

Diego Calva As Manny Torres

Diego Calva in Babylon is seen as Manny Tores who is a man of dreams. A highly ambitious gofer with huge dreams of involving himself in the world of movie-making. The film is set in the Hollywood 1920s when silent films are just making it to the talkies. Manny is seen getting closer to Jack Conrad who is starring in Brad’s seasoned movie.

He is also shown falling head over heels for Nellie LaRiy who is the up-and-coming actress of Robbie. Calva seems to draw several similarities with his personal life but also makes us aware of the huge differences. 

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He says while there are similarities, times have now changed and the differences are here in the forefront. He gives an example of never being compelled to hide or keep under disguise his Mexicanity or rather the fact of him being Mexican.

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