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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Direct Stimulus Checks Coming In Summer Of 2022

Many American states have pushed through legislation to send residents relief stimulus checks to tide over the highest inflation rates in 4 decades. With federal stimulus payments drying up in 2022, it is for the states to help out their residents through various relief measures that include direct stimulus checks, tax rebates, gas cards, and a stop to further increases in the gas tax.

Residents of Maine are set to get a direct stimulus check of $850 this summer to fight the debilitating effect of high inflation. The rates of gasoline and essential items have peaked at an all-time high and the ongoing war in Europe has made matters worse.

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The rate of inflation saw a mild drop in April after the high of 8.5% in March, but it remains above the 4-decade high.

Maine Comes Up With A Generous Stimulus Check Of $850

Residents of Maine are in for an exceptionally generous stimulus check as Governor Mills will return 50% of the state surplus budget money to taxpayers through direct relief payments.

Governor Mills said that both the Republicans and Democrats and the Independents had joined hands to support the residents of Maine without partisan politics coming into play, something that has split Augusta before.

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She admitted that while inflation was a global phenomenon, it was not within the state to control it. But she said that she would ensure that residents of her state would have the requirement to take on the rising costs. She said that the residents of Maine are its greatest assets and this budget has been delivered for them.

Residents of this north-eastern state have until October 31 this year to file their 2021 returns and claim the stimulus check. Residents who have already filed their returns will start receiving their payments starting in June.

The payments will go out only to full-time residents of the state. Further, they should have income (AGI) less than $100,000 as individuals and $500,000 if filing jointly as married couples.

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