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Friday, January 28, 2022

Doge Re-enters In Top 10, Worldwide Market Cap Exceeds $1.2 Trillion

The cryptocurrency market is currently booming since the financial services and investors are gearing up for a bull run. At the same time, Doge is continuously attracting celebrity interest. 

During the past weekend. The global market capitalization of the cryptocurrency industry has continued to spike to record highs after the barrage of brand new investors as well as investment tools are being prepared to begin offering additional ways of playing with digital money. 

A Persistent And Overwhelming Rise Of Doge 

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The cryptocurrency market has successfully managed to add an enormous $500 million within a short span of 3 days only to their reserves. As a result, they have a total market capitalization of almost $1.23 trillion. This was reported by Nomics, a data company. 

The overpowering majority of the growth was inspired by Bitcoin that has hovered around the $40,000 mark before dropping to $38,000. During that time, BTC was down by over 2% within a mere 24 hours. Nonetheless, it was nearer to hitting the $40,771 record high of 8th January. 

On the other hand, Ethereum continued its amazing rally as its price was higher than $1,500 during the weekend. ETH has been on that mark for the past 6 days even though the flash crack pulled the price down by almost 10% on the weekend. 

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The roller-coaster ride of Doge also continued throughout the weekend since several celebrities entered the Dogecoin rally that added a considerable fan following to their popularity. Celebrities including Elon Musk as well as Gene Simmons, ex-frontman of KISS. 

The fast activities motivated the market cap of Doge and it made an entry into the 10 leading cryptos after it made a gain of 18% in the past 24 hours. The trading volume also spiked by 73%.

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