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Drew Scott And Linda Phan Welcome Their Baby

After two years of fertility treatments, Linda Phan and Drew Scott received the good news in August 2021. The arrival of the baby was announced during their podcast named “At Home”. Parker James Scott was born on the 4th wedding anniversary of the couple, weighing 8 pounds, 1.8 ounces. Our lives have been forever changed, they captioned a photo carousel on Instagram.

Drew Scott announced with joy about their healthy and overly adorable new baby boy. He then moved on to ask his wife about her state of feeling after giving birth now that it has been a few weeks.

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Linda, the new mother, remarked hilariously that she felt great other than feeling a little pooped. She is rather stunned and amazed and —not to mention—overjoyed with the arrival of the baby. Every stage of this pregnancy had taken her some time to adjust, but she confessed that just when she was adjusting, it smoothly built up to another milestone or thing. No wonder she always felt like catching up with her emotions.

Parker took his time arriving. According to the couple, Linda had been in labor for 44 hours. Linda also recalled how she eventually agreed to an epidural and a cesarean section —which she had hoped to avoid indicting her fright of needles— because it was taking dangerously long.

A Surreal Experience For Drew Scott

Now that it is over all of it seems blurry to her. While sharing her experience, she believed to have felt strangely calm as if almost floating through it for most of the part, while also stressing that she wanted to live in the present moment. 

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Their baby boy was born on a very special day for the couple, right on their anniversary. Drew Scott commented jokingly how their anniversary would now no longer remain exclusively about him and his wife with Parker becoming the star of the show.

Linda couldn’t agree less when she let out that Parker was just in time to celebrate with them.

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