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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ducati Monster: Your first look at the icon, rebooted


There are some big changes afoot in Bologna for the Monster, but the results look good.

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Ducati is the brand that kicked off the whole “sports naked motorcycle” category way back in 1993 having its original Monster. Since then, the Monster has remained among motorcycling’s most beloved models and has experienced many iterations — the majority of which were decent.

One of the Monster’s constant features through the duration of its expected life has been the famous Ducati steel trellis frame. It’s iconic and practical, and while Ducati isn’t the only brand to use the design, it’s the brand most related to it. But now, because of a pair of leaked design sketches sent to Roadshow by an unnamed source close to Ducati, we observe that the trellis frame could have reached its end.


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These sketches show a number of major updates to the model, but the classic Monster DNA remains.


This isn’t especially surprising in and of it self, given that the big V4-powered Panigale and Streetfighter models don’t use a trellis at all, counting on a cast aluminum spar design as an alternative. The sketches of this forthcoming Monster, which we be prepared to be unveiled in the next month approximately, given the EICMA show’s postponement, appear to show the same sort of spar design.

But whilst some things change, other items remain the same, like the Monster’s iconic round, low-mounted headlight design. We’re glad to see this perhaps not go the way of the Streetfighter, with its more insectoid nose. At least as far as we are able to tell, the riding position seems to be typical Monster too — frankly, a relatively upright position with high and rear-biased footpegs.

There’s honestly not a lot else that people can infer based on the sketches. Still, given that it’s really a Ducati, we expect it’ll have big Brembo brakes, probably some type of Showa suspension (based on the Monster 821) and a wonderful L-twin engine — possibly a detuned version of the 955-cc unit within the Panigale V2 that’s been rejiggered for more torque.

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