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EA Sports UFC 4 Gets In-Game Ads a Few Weeks After Release

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EA has put in-game advertisements into EA Sports UFC 4 a few weeks after release, and its particular fans aren’t happy about this.
Reddit user Ydino shared a clip of the in-game advertisements, which do seem intrusive, and they remember that it was added “a month after it’s [sic] release so it wasn’t talked about in reviews.”

Additionally, Ydino brings up that UFC 4 is a $60 game rather than a free-to-play title that’s using advertisements in lieu of charging the player an entry fee.This particular clip features marketing from Amazon’s The Boys’ 2nd season. There is a full-screen advertisement during replays, its logo appears on the octagon, and it also appears above the timer on the bottom of the screen.

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EA Sports UFC 4 was launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14, 2020. In our report on UFC 4, we said “is a largely iterative sequel that tightens up some looser parts, makes a few smart tweaks here and there, and doesn’t rock the boat all that much. And in that sense, it’s a success. Longstanding problems still remain in the ground game and some dated visuals, but without any competition for the title, EA Sports UFC 4 still remains the king of combat sports.”

At launch, UFC 4 did feature microtransactions by means of an in-game currency called UFC Points. These UFC Points can be used to buy cosmetic items, but don’t have any impact on the overall game. Additionally, there have been brands featured on the octagon, however the full-screen advertisements recently seen were not.

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