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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Next Stimulus Check Can Pay $2,000 Monthly Till The Pandemic Ends

Despite constant efforts by Democratic lawmakers and large sections of the public, the fourth stimulus check is not destined to materialize this year. But if it does happen, a part of it would have been possible thanks to restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin who set in motion the mass petition.

The online petition on change.org has led to more than 2.5 million people signing on for a fourth stimulus check. and the appeal is not restricted to a one-off payment. In her petition, she has highlighted the plight of millions of citizens like her who have been left without a means of income for a year and a half.

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She has noted that only a monthly check of $2,000 for adults and $1,000 for children would help people through the economic crisis brought about by the pandemic.

Large Sections Of Population Without Any For Of Stimulus Check: Bonin

Small businesses and gig workers are not entitled to even unemployment benefits of $300 per week given by the federal government. And a mere 40% of those eligible for the check get it. And unemployment rates continue to hover around the 6% mark, way above the 3.5% in the pre-pandemic period.

Bonin’s appeal has resonated across communities and the petitioners keep rising each day. She had noted that our country continues to struggle, and the hour’s need is automatic checks that would not require legislation every time some calamity befalls the nation. Payments should be triggered if certain economic conditions are met.

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The closest thing to stimulus checks is the child tax credit payments advance which will start a week from now. This year, these monthly checks between July and December will give between $250 and $300 per month for each child to families with earnings within a certain limit.

The monthly payments constitute half the total payments assured. The other 50% will be adjusted against the 2021 income tax refunds. President Biden has plans to extend this support to 2025.

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