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Elle Fanning Yearns For Her Second Mother Honoring Late Wendy Lawson

Elle Fanning posts in honor of her late ballet trainer Wendy Lawson. In this heartfelt message, she conveyed her love for her ‘Second Mother’ whom she considered family. The Young Actress is already at the top of people’s hearts with her dedicated roles and charm. The 24-year-old recently took over Instagram sharing a heartfelt eulogy for Wendy Lawson who was her trainer in ballet dancing. She revealed their intimate bond with the fans, mourning for the death of her beloved teacher and family. 

Elle Fanning’s Heartfelt Post Tributes The Exceptional Artist Lawson

The post was captioned that she never came across a more elegant woman than her, and admired her strength for fighting till her last breath. Elle Fanning continues that she considered her to be a second mother and one of her closest family. The lessons she learned over these years are still instilled beneath her and would surface with time, she commended how the students were more like her own children and she was far distinct beyond the title of a ‘ballet teacher’.

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Elle Fanning resumes that she wishes to maintain the pride and trust she confided in her and calls Wendy her fairy angel guiding each step she takes. She concludes the sincere paragraph by saying she would have been nothing if for her. The sentimental words were paired with a string of photos in remembrance of her with two including Fanning herself.

The reason for Lawson’s death is yet to be revealed. A biography from Los Angeles County High School specializing in Arts shared a paragraph on their website. The words describe Wendy Lawson as a classical ballet dancer who has been an integral part of the staff since the year 2006. She had an ample resume in both television and film careers, performing in the shoes of an actress and choreographer.

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