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Emily Miller Admitted To The Hospital, Has An Ectopic Pregnancy

On June 7, Emily Miller, 27, was brought to the hospital after falling due to pain while out shopping. She needed emergency surgery to remove one of her Fallopian tubes because an embryo had been implanted there instead of in her uterus. Emily Miller shared images from her hospitalization while speaking about her experience on June 10th.

Emily Miller, who has been dating her season two co-star Cam Holmes for over a year, announced her pregnancy on Instagram, saying that while it was unexpected, it was also something she was looking forward to. She, on the other hand, passed out while shopping on Tuesday. when she was transported to the hospital after experiencing an inexplicable discomfort.

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Emily Miller remained in A&E until 3 p.m. the next day when she had her scan. The two nurses were deafeningly quiet while she lay on the table, gripping Cam’s hand. When she enquired more, it was discovered that she suffers from ectopic pregnancy, an uncommon ailment.

Emily Miller Advices To Not Miss Out On The Early Signs 

Ectopic pregnancy is a rare situation in which a fertilized egg, or embryo, implants outside the uterus, most usually in the Fallopian tube. It can happen naturally or as a result of IVF. An ectopic pregnancy is always fatal to the embryo since it cannot survive outside the uterus, and it can be life-threatening to the mother if left untreated due to internal bleeding.

The British reality TV star couldn’t believe she’d had an ectopic pregnancy. She was frightened to death. She was not only about to lose her baby, but she was also about to have her Fallopian tube and ovary removed. Her only want was to speak with her mother. She herself was terrified while waiting for her daughter in the hospital waiting room. 

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Emily Miller went on to say that after she awoke, she had a panic attack and was given morphine since she was in so much pain. She was eventually discharged the next day. Her mental health has suffered as a result of the tragedy.

Looking back, she admitted that she neglected the early warning indications that my body was sending her about an ectopic pregnancy. She can only urge females to get an early pregnancy scan just to be safe and rule out any potential concerns; their bodies are extremely valuable and they should not ignore them.

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