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Epic Games Will Allow NFT

Epic Games is one of the biggest names in the gaming world of today. They have revolutionized the world of gaming by releasing some of the most popular games. Game lovers from all over the world wait eagerly for the company to launch or announce its next move. In a recent announcement, the company conveyed a piece of news that might excite the fans. Tim Sweeney is the CEO of the company. Tim appeared before the media and clarified the company’s stance toward NFT. In what seemed to be a bold announcement, Tim stated that the company will not be banning the use of NFTs in their games.

He went on to say that the developers must be given full freedom to decide and choose what will be included in the game in order to make them appear more attractive to the players. He was asked whether his company would be replicating the ideology of Minecraft. Minecraft had recently announced the banning of NFTs in their game. Tim was clearly not impressed by the idea and revoked the proposal of banning NFT at once. On behalf on Epic Games, Tim wanted to clarify that the company did not like pressurizing and dictating the developers about their choice of operations. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Epic Games Supports NFT 

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Epic Games stated that their players would be the only decision maker whether they wanted to play the game with NFT or not. Unlike Minecraft, who banned the use of NFTs, Epic Games will not follow the same path. Minecraft recently stated that the risk factor involved with NFTs were very high. 

As soon as the announcement was made, it went viral. Gamers and users of social media reacted positively to show their support for the decision. 

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