Eric Adams Seems To Be Having Fun At His Son’s Album Release Party

eric adams

The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, recently shifted from his role as a Mayor to a role as the father of Jordan Coleman, as he attended the album release party of his son at Sei Less- a popular Manhattan hotspot on Friday night. According to sources who had attended the party, the 27-year-old musician had shut down the entire restaurant- which was a favorite jaunt for stars like Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart- for his party.

While Adams reached the party quite late, he didn’t forget to ingratiate themselves with the partygoers, whilst feasting on edamame dumplings, vegetables, and scallion pancakes. Nevertheless, the main focus Adams was to be with his son, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Chrisena Coleman. 

Mayor Eric Adams Is The Perfect Father To Jordan Coleman

An eyewitness also mentioned that Eric Adams and his son did seem pretty close to each other, and had also shared an embrace at one point during the night. The source adds that Mayor Adams had spoken about how proud he was of his son. Back in January, Adams had mentioned that his son’s music definitely represented an aspirational voice for the American youth. He had also stated that Jordan was young, Eric had taken it upon himself to give him instructions, and educate him into a fine young man. 

But Eric Adams also believes that since Jordan has turned into a man now, it was important that Jordan found his own voice. Sure, he would be drawing from the lessons that he had learned as a child, but he would have to have the final voice in matters that concerned him- and hence Adams was quite proud of how his son had grown up to be. Coleman, who had previously been employed as a creative coordinator at Roc Nation’s film department, had talked about his dreams of being a rapper and an international filmmaker.