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Erika Jayne Slams Kathy Hilton For Hurling Slurs At DJ

Erika Jayne while having a conversation with her co-star’s employee from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” blames Kathy Hilton for using homophobic slang against DJ.

On the final day of the twelfth season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“, Jayne stated that she noticed upset Kathy. She went up to enquire about the reason for Kathy’s sadness and then Kathy refers to the DJ as an “old f–king f-g”.

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On Wednesday night Hilton claimed to have been frustrated with the manager of the Caribou Club. There Kathy requested the DJ a song and he rejected her requests as he was “way too busy”. This behavior of the DJ was not taken in a good way by Kathy. That was where she slurred on him.

Erika Jayne And Kathy Hilton Blamed Each Other Over The Remark Made By Kathy

Kathy narrating the whole incident alongside her feelings also stated that she would try to devoid herself from using any such language against anybody.

Hilton also stated that she always admits her mistakes and said that Erika Jayne tried to paint her picture as a monster to the whole world. Jayne stated that those were the words Kathy and she was not making things up. As Kathy said that nobody else did hear the same, Jayne stated that it was told to her directly.

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They continued squabbling over the same as Kathy said that people are aware that she is not capable of using such words against anybody intentionally. Against that Jayne too replied in the same tone that people are also aware that she doesn’t lie.

Jayne claimed that the controversial remark was made by Kathy during their trip to Colorado. Erika Jayne through her Instagram story tried to strengthen her point of view and said that the thought process and beliefs of the audience are not under her control.

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