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Ethereum Continues To Grow Despite Turbulence

Ethereum is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. The company has been acting as the backbone of the market for a long time. The company is listed among one of the most successful companies in the entire world. They have attracted a significant amount of customers to invest in the world of crypto. However, the recent trends in the market have given the otherwise successful company several reasons for headaches.

The past few months have been disastrous for every crypto company out there. Most companies have incurred a significant amount of loss. Even the likes of Bitcoin and ETH have had reasons to be worried. The impact of the downward trend was so much prominent that companies like Coinbase and Coinflex were compelled to take some harsh decisions. While Coinbase declared itself on the verge of bankruptcy, Coinflex announced a huge cut on the number of staff.

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Fortunately, the good news is, that the market is slowly showing signs of making a recovery. A recent report has been made public that has attracted the interest of everyone. A survey conducted recently stated that Ethereum has been growing despite the turbulent market in the past months. In fact, the survey stated that the company has kept on growing for the last four months. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Ethereum Makes Huge Profit 

Ethereum has been making a huge profit since the year 2018. A survey was conducted by a company named Telstra Ventures. Telstra Ventures are a technology investment firm that has stated that ETH has grown by almost 71.6% every year. They said that the trend started in the month of January 2018 and has been continuing since recent day. 

However, Ethereum was not only the company making its growth. According to the published reports, Bitcoin and Solana also became bigger over time. 

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