Euler Finance Got Hacked Even After 10 Audits In Two Years

Euler Finance

The CEO of Euler finance, Michael Bentley have said that he will not forgive these hackers as this recent incident of hacking is causing him to lose time with his infant child. Ten different audits happened over a two years span on this Ethereum-based company that considered this lending protocol as a low risk company and it had no issues before suffering this latest attack of 196mn USDs.

In his recent series of tweets, the CEO of Euler Finance labs has said that this is the toughest days of his life after the flash oan attack on Euler labs on 13th March. He also retweeted an user’s tweet that had information about the company and its audits from different companies. It said that Euler Finance has always been a secure project.

Security firms like Solidified, Halborn, Certora, Omnisca, ZK Labs, and Sherlock did audits for the company from 2021’s May to last September. The Halborn report said that the impact upon the firm if such risk incident happens is very low. That report also revealed that the company has a satisfactory result.

Euler Finance Was Hacked After 10 Audits:

Omnisca, another blockchain security firm has also revealed that Euler Finance ins handling the issue properly dealing with different issues. On 16th March however, the Euler Finance’s hacker has been moving different funds through the crypto mixer Tornado Cash after mere hours of the one million dollars bounty announced by the company for any information that can lead to the arrest of the hacker.

In the recent thread, the Euler Finance CEO said that he will not forgive this attacker as the attack is forcing him to sacrifice his time with his newborn child.