Euler Finance Hacker Has Started Returning The Stolen Ether Tokens

Euler Finance

The recent hack on the blockchain of Ethereum, which drained close to $197 million from Euler Finance, was considered to be one of the biggest decentralized finance hacks of the current year. But as it turns out, the hacker had a change of heart and was reportedly returning the stolen amount. On the 18th of March, around 3000 Ether were returned to the deployer address of Finance, from the hacker.

PeckShield, the investigator for Blockchain, also identified three of the transactions that had been used to send these funds. Cointelegraph went on to confirm that the hacker had reportedly issued around 1000 ETH per transaction to the deployer account of Euler. However, the chances of the hacker returning all of the money back to the account seem quite slim. On the 16th of March, the company announced a reward of $1 million to track down this hacker and retrieve the funds.

Euler Finance Hacker Seems To Have Had A Change Of Heart

The Euler Finance exploiter managed to drain around $197 million from quite a few transactions. After that, they used a multichain bridge to transfer the money from the BNB Chain to Ethereum. After the bounty of $1 million was announced, the stolen funds found their way into the crypto mixer Tornado Cash. The company had also demanded that the hacker should return 90% of the funds that were stolen within 24 hours to avoid time in jail.

The CEO of Euler finance, Michael Bentley has said that he will not forgive these hackers as this recent incident of hacking is causing him to lose time with his infant child. Ten different audits happened over a two years span on this Ethereum-based company that considered this lending protocol as a low-risk company and it had no issues before suffering this latest attack of 196mn USDs.