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Eva Longoria Talks About Her 3rd Marriage And How It Is Different

After her previous two marriages ended in divorce, Eva Longoria may have given up, but the 47-year-old actress found success on her third attempt. She does not regret any of her wedding decisions, though, since they all helped to prepare her for her happy marriage to José Bastón. The Desperate Housewives actress reportedly made an appearance on a recent edition of her Connections with Eva Longoria podcast, according to Daily Mail.

Eva Longoria Said That Jealousy Ruined Her First Two Marriages

The actress discussed how she overcame envy in previous relationships on this talk show. When they started dating, she understood that she needed to shift her perspective on what it meant to be in a committed relationship. “I believe that envy consumes a lot of energy. Your tummy is upside down, and I remember being very envious. The worst sensation ever. Why would anyone want that sensation, the 47-year-old questioned.

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The actress continued by saying that after Baston, she made an effort to slow down and reevaluate her goals. Longoria has made her life a lot happier just by being there in her marriage and savoring the little moments with their 4-year-old son Santiago. Despite their bond developing later in life, she and Bastón feel like they have been together forever. “I believe that is the reason why, with my second marriage, no, no, my third… I discovered my spouse when I was 40, and even though he was 50, we simply wanted to live this life together, she said.

For those who are unaware, the former soap opera actress and Baston began dating in 2015 and were wed the following year. Santiago, their four-year-old son, is shared by the couple.

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