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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Eva Mendes To Return To The Screen After 8 Years

The Fabulous Eva Mendes has been as busy as ever both on and off-camera, but she has stayed away from movies for a long time, 8 years to be exact. But she has hinted at she could be back but under some particular guiding principle on the roles that she might be willing to accept.

The Other Guys actress was back on Tuesday on The View and spoke about what could make her come back to movies and TV shows.

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Eva Mendes specified that she had a shortlist of what she would be willing to do on camera. She is okay with a fun assignment but would shun violence and sexuality. The list is short, she pointed out.

Eva Mendes’ last role was in The Lost River in 2014. It was written/directed by Ryan Gosling, her second husband.

Eva Mendes Hopes To Do A ‘Nice And Clean’ Movie

Eva Mendes said that she would be willing to take on any project as long as it was ‘nice and clean.’

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When host Whoopi Goldberg suggested that it would have to be stuff such as what Disney does, Eva Mendes replied that it would be perfect for her.

Eva Mendes has been busy as the brand ambassador, and also the co-owner, of Skura Style, which is a kitchen utility product, telling you when it is time to replace your kitchen scrubby.

Mendes has taken a break for almost a year from social media too. She says that she started feeling ‘phony’ about the whole thing. She said that it had started to intrude too much into her life, something she did not want. She says she wants to be more genuine on Instagram and not go after content.

Eva Mendes is out to prove that she wants to continue with the second phase of her career on her terms. She says she wants to set a good example for her two daughters, even if that slows her return to acting and Hollywood. And as she reveals her stipulations, it seems that the offers will come flowing in.

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