Eve Hewson Devastated On Not Being Featured On Nepotism Baby Chart

Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson jokes on Twitter about her feeling left out since she was not mentioned in the star kid list. She says that out of all, one of the nepotistic babies is devastated for not being included in the list. Bono’s daughter, who is now 31, throws satirical responses regarding the conversation of nepo baby, in a cover story by the New York magazine. 

Eve Hewson start to write about her successful show series Bad Sisters, The NERVE which had been aired on Apple TV+ and after this, not making it to the list, got her pretty distressed. She then tweets again where she puts her set goals for 2023, i.e., to make herself so successful that she gets featured in the nepo baby list. However, some unknown user then responded by attaching proof, an image of her being featured on the list of those actors who were raised by musicians.

Satirically again Eve retweets the image and responds that she has just gotten to know about already achieving her 2023 goals while we have not made it to 2023 yet. 

Eve Hewson Still Not Giving Up On The Matter

However, the actress took to a serious note regarding the nepotism baby list and again addresses her followers. She accepts that her father’s connection in the industry helped Eve to achieve the opportunities she had got. She does accept that the name helped her gain that wind during her initial days in the industry. Her tweet is followed by a new tweet again where she addresses people calling her a spoiled star kid. Following a trilogy of comments, she finishes off by asking people to have kindness because that is what the world needs.