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Everscale Announces Its New Convention Will Be Held In Bali

The Everscale community has declared the brands and audio systems that will be featured at its forthcoming EverPoint Convention on May 7, 2022, at the famous Renaissance Uluwatu, Bali. It is being hosted to recognize Everscale and its neighborhood’s second year, and also the community’s development into the fresh Asian market, which began in Indonesia. It will most likely be followed by a select global blockchain social event. Some of the industry’s biggest stars are expected to attend.

Everscale was built to regulate a large number of consumers, and in the 2 years since its introduction, it has assembled substantial headway toward its objective of delivering a highly decentralized, secure, and infinitely scalable DeFi affair.

Everscale Is The Most Profitable Blockchain Network

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Everscale is now the most expandable blockchain community, as its name suggests. Its dynamic sharding method provides it the remarkable ability to adjust to any given load measurement, allowing it to calculate thousands upon thousands of transactions instantly and close to zero costs.

Various ecosystems have been built around the community, including its own DEX FlatQube, that may also have its order book soon. Customers could trade various types of crypto assets, participate in yield cultivation and staking means with very high APR fees, open local technology platform pockets, and use the Octus Bridge cross-chain platform to ship liquidity between multiple networks and also Everscale, as well as participate in a DAO-operated launchpad. At the EverPoint Convention, the whole ecosystem and accomplishments made over the preceding 2 years will most likely be displayed.

Everscale’s prospective as a trampoline for additional Asian De Fi by-products is boundless, being the most technically evolved and practical blockchain network. Octus Bridge and FlatQube have both made significant progress recently, with the latter’s total value locked more than tripling in the preceding month to over $80 million.

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