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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Facebook Messenger adds screen sharing to iPhone and Android. Here’s how to do it



Facebook’s Messenger chat platform has added screen sharing for iOS and Android mobile devices, expanding its video chat features while many people are still working and socializing from home as coronavirus cases spike across the US. Adding screen sharing to both Messenger video calls and Facebook’s new video chat platform, Messenger Rooms, helps Facebook better compete with popular services like Zoom, SkypeGoogle Meet and Microsoft Teams. 

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Messenger’s new phone feature lets you instantly share your screen with friends and family — either in video calls with up to eight people, or using the Messenger Rooms feature to chat with up to 16 people. You can also screen share in Messenger Rooms while on web and desktop. Sharing with up to 50 participants — the current maximum in Messenger Rooms — is coming soon, according to a Facebook news post. 

Screen sharing allows you to scroll through your photos, surf social media or shop together online with friends more easily than before, Facebook said. The company will soon add the ability for Room creators to determine whether to limit the ability to screen share to just themselves, or make it available to all participants on the call. 

Screen sharing is now available globally on the latest versions of Messenger’s Android and iOS apps, desktop apps and web version. 

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How to use Facebook Messenger screen sharing on your phone

  • Open the Messenger app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Start a video call by selecting one or more contacts and tapping the camera icon.
  • Once on the call, swipe up on the toolbar at the bottom (where you find the icons for hanging up or turning your mic off). 
  • From the expanded menu, tap Share your screen. 

From that point on, the other people on the video chat will be able to see a live view of whatever is on your phone screen. The video chat interface will move to the upper right hand corner of your phone, so you’ll still be able to see your friends on camera while you show them what’s on your phone.

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