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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Facebook Is Here To Hone Your Video Marketing Skills!

Facebook has introduced a few tips this week to help people who are into video marketing. If you fall under the category of, “working to improve your approach for video content”, you will surely love these tips. 

How To Be A Pro At Video Marketing? – By Facebook

An attractive trailer goes a long way!

According to Facebook, you should add a short introduction to your video before anything. This process is commonly followed by Youtubers, and Facebook users as well. 

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All you need to do is to cut off a key snippet from your video and place it at the beginning. This will attract the users and will give them an idea of what your video is about.

Engagement and view time are the most important factors in order distribution. The first tip will bring a marked improvement in it. Facebook also encourages you to make use of Creator Studio Analytics.


This helps you to work on your video approach when you start losing your viewers. 

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Go to the video option in your Content Library Creator Studio.

Now go to the “video details”. Check the Audience Retention Curve.

Unmark the option of, “only include views over 15 seconds”. This will allow you to see where your viewers are dropping off in your video. 

This will provide some help with your approach to content. Not only that, but it will also provide help in seeing if the viewers improve your results of retention. 

Community Engagement Through Comments!

Facebook advises you to encourage people to comment on all the posts for effective video marketing.  Facebook also recommends you to increase the engagement of your viewers. An effective way to do this is by responding to as many comments as you can, that are made on your videos.

It is said that engaging viewers in the comment section of social media can please any audience. This can further expand your reach. You can also give detailed explanations on issues by sharing your personal views. This will prove to be a great step towards the active engagement of your viewers. 

Go for vertical viewing videos!

According to internal research of Facebook, the videos that have been improving significantly are those that have switched to the 4:5 orientation, from the 19:9 one. 

Authentic or original videos will lead you to succeed in video marketing as compared to the shared ones.

It is visible that Facebook has recommended some generic tips, however, these may give a push to your video marketing approach, eventually resulting in your better performance. 

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