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Facebook Portal, The Best Portal For Video Chat

As the name suggests, Portal, developed by Facebook, supports almost all the most commonly used apps for video chat. But, in order to make use of this, you have to have an account on Facebook, or WhatsApp.

What makes Facebook Portal Most Convenient for Video Chat?

Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal comes with a smart camera and a speaker system that is totally impressive. You can say that this tablet is the gateway to your loved ones. It has a camera that is equipped to track your augmented reality features and your movements.

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But here is a piece of bad news for those active users of Skype. No model of Portal can support your Skype. You do not need to worry though. There are several other apps that work the same as Skype.

Facebook was the first platform that was compatible with Portal. So, if you want to get the best out of Portal, Facebook is still at the top of the list of options. This includes using the built-in voice assistance of Portal.

Having your Messenger account linked to Portal offers you a set of additional features. But there is no compulsion for you to have an account in Facebook Messenger. Just having a Facebook account is enough.

What Are The Other Most Used Video Calling Apps That Portal Supports?

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The most obvious one is WhatsApp. This platform of social media is a Facebook-owned one, and will soon be getting compatible with Portal. You don’t need to worry about account linking stuff. It will be a very simple process. Also, just like Facebook, WhatsApp comes for free!

The Workplace app happens to be another one. This is also from Facebook. What is different about the Workplace is that it is exclusively designed to carry out official communications. This is not a video chat platform for social gatherings. If you are a user of this, you just have to make sure that your list in Portal has “Workplace” on it. If it does not, simply update your Portal.

Other apps include WebEx, GoToMeeting, Blue Jeans, and even Zoom!

Make use of the versatile Portal, which can be your one-stop app to communicate with a variety of people in your life!

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