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Monday, September 11, 2023

FDX Has Their Earnings Predicted By Analysts

Quite a few investment analysts working at Oppenheimer have already provided estimates into the earnings of FDX. According to a report published on the 19th of March, S. Schneeberger- an analyst from the brokerage company predicted that the provider of shipping services would be posting an EPS of $17.90 for this year. The brokerage firm has currently put up a rating of Hold on the stocks of the company. Oppenheimer has also provided the estimates of the company for its FY2022 earnings at an EPS of $19.45. 

The Quarterly Estimates of FDX

The stocks of FDX previously announced their previous quarterly report on the 17th of March. The EPS reported by the provider of shipping service for the quarter was $3.47- which was more than the consensus estimate of around $3.21. The net margin of the company was 3.28%, with a 18.65% return on its equity. The revenue of the quarter was $21.51 billion, which was more than the estimate by analysts of about $19.90 billion. 

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There are quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of FDX. Wolfe Research has already reduced the rating of outperform to a rating of market perform in a 7th January research note. Credit Suisse Group has set the new price target of the company to $350 after it was previously $368 with a rating of outperform in a Thursday research report.

Robert W. Baird has also reaffirmed their rating of buy in a 21st February research report. In the end, Zacks Investment Research gave the company a rating of strong-buy, with a price target of $286 set on the company in a 22nd December research note. 

Currently, one investment analyst has already provided the stocks of FDX with a rating of sell, while five of them have already given it a rating of hold. Close to nineteen analysts have provided the company with a rating of buy. The company has a buy rating with a $312.20 price target. 

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