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Fidelity Investment Beefing Up The Crypto Market By Twenty-Five Percent: Their New Hundred Hires Might Be The Reason

A spokesman for Fidelity Investments stated that by the initial quarter of next year, the segment of Digital Assets will employ about 500 people overall.

Contrary to the current exodus of crypto expertise, $4.5 trillion asset management company Fidelity Investments is allegedly planning to add additional 100 workers to support the division’s increasing digital assets business.

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By the final days of the initial quarter of of the next year, the Fidelity Digital Assets will have roughly 500 employees, according to a Fidelity spokesperson who spoke with Bloomberg on October 22.

Fidelity Investment Beefing The Crypto Market Up By Twenty-Five Percent:

74 active results for opportunities connected to digital assets are presently available on the Fidelity job posting. These roles are in the fields of blockchains, financial analysis, customer support, accounting and finance product design, and consultancy services, including regulation.

The bulk of the postings come from the company’s New York, Colorado, Texas and Utah offices, with majority coming out of the Boston hq according to the spokesman, the new positions will be spread out across the US, the UK, and Ireland.

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Fidelity’s recruiting binge comes as several of the biggest crypto-native companies, including BlockFi, Coinbase, Crypto.com and Gemini, have been on a recruiting binge, laying off 20%, 18%, and 10% of their workforces, respectively.

The significant layoffs appear to have made it easier for established companies like Fidelity to hire new crypto expertise.

Given how eager Fidelity has been providing more extensive digital asset-related solutions in response to rising investor demand, the growth of the department of the digital asset should come as no surprise.


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