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Final Fantasy Joins Hands With Blockchain

Final Fantasy creators Hironobu Sakaguchi and Kenji Ito have joined forces on a game called Fantasian. The game will be available from early 2021, has a location-based element, and will run on the Apple arcade. There are apparently 150 dioramas in the game that you can collect on your iPhone.

These dioramas can be added to the Oasys blockchain platform so that players can play them in some way with other dioramas in the ecosystem. You may have noticed a trend in the headlines of recent months. This is because one of the biggest stories in gaming right now is that developers from Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Kenji Ito have teamed up with the OASYS blockchain platform to create Fantasian, a new game that will be launched on Apple Arcade.

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Blockchain is a technology that allows you to store data in a way that is secure and cannot be tampered with. It does this by storing the information on blocks, which are then linked together through cryptography. Blockchain was originally developed as the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, but it has since been adopted by many other industries, including gaming.

Final Fantasy Team Up With Oasis Blockchain

Blockchain makes it possible for two parties to exchange value between each other without needing a third party such as a bank or government agency involved in this transaction. That’s because blockchain uses algorithms to verify transactions automatically instead of having human beings do so manually (for example, if someone wants to make sure that funds were transferred correctly).

This means there are no fees involved in using blockchain technology; all transactions happen directly between users without any third parties taking their cut! So, what does this all mean? Final Fantasy is a huge franchise with fans all over the world. This new game from Square Enix should have been exciting for those who are excited about seeing their favorite characters come back and play again.

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By adding blockchain elements, though, it has become a divisive topic among gaming communities like Reddit and Twitter – something that could be expected given how much negative attention ICOs have gotten in recent years.

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