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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Disappearing Tweets: Fleets Is Being Introduced By Twitter

Fleet is being launched by Twitter globally on Tuesday. The initial idea of the newly added feature in the tweeting world was first introduced at the beginning of the year 2020. Before the official launching, the social media platform claims that this has been run through several tests in different large markets around the world. Now the users of Twitter will have the access to the messages that have already disappeared. This feature will be available at the top of the bar that shows the timeline. This icon will be included in a stories-like bubble row.

This feature is brought in by Twitter to make the app more user friendly. Twitter hopes that this brand new feature is going to allow the users to express themselves more freely instead of always being alert and concerned about what they post and how they post it. Usually, the users are always bothered about saying profound things or piling up retweets and likes. This new feature is hopefully going to make things much easier for such users and more casual tweets can be done on the platform. According to the famous social media company, Fleets is going to get started on Android and iOS devices as soon as possible. It is being assumed that it will be easily available to one and all in the future.


Benefits of Fleets

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As mentioned before the company had different tests in markets around the world before introducing Fleets. The results from different countries around the world have made it evident that the users are feeling more comfortable with this new upgrade. At many times people suffer from dilemma while making tweets and later on the permanency would make it problematic for many. With Fleets, the users are going to be sure that the tweet is going to disappear after a day. This is giving the users a more expanded comfort zone to dwell in when it comes to tweeting their hearts out.

On the other hand, the idea of Fleets is nothing different from Stories, it also has the best features of famous social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. It is being expected that Twitter is soon going to introduce different kinds of stickers and life broadcasting systems in the coming days.

Currently, the platform is not going to offer any proper indicator to people whose Fleets get screenshotted by viewers. Also, this reduces the risk of social media outraging of misinterpreted posts or posts done by mistake. However, the retweeting of screenshots could create trouble that could be stopped by introducing the indicator system if the tweet is being screenshotted. Therefore, it can be said that Fleet along with its “disappearing tweets feature” is giving comfortable freedom to the users of Twitter.

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