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Florence Pugh Says That She Is Grateful For Don’t Worry Darling

Florence Pugh has just posted about the contentious film amid all the ongoing debate.

Florence Pugh posted a series of images she took while filming Don’t Worry Darling to her Instagram account throughout two new postings. There was even a selfie of her with director and co-star Olivia Wilde, despite their apparent conflict over Shia Labeouf’s involvement and subsequent departure (it is not clear if he was fired or quit).

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Vulture stated that the director’s “many inexplicable absences” from Don’t Worry Darling set with her lover and LaBeouf’s successor, Harry Styles, led to a “screaming match” between the two. Her essay gives off a lot of “my favorite part about the film is that it seems like a movie” vibes because, well, she writes about Don’t Worry Darling like it is a movie. 

Florence Pugh Posts About Don’t Worry Darling

“Whenever I witness enormous amazing movie sequences on massive screens, I always remember myself that there is an explosion only inches from the scene I am watching,” she wrote. Alternately, make indentations on the floor right below the performers’ waists. It is mind-boggling to consider that a full day was devoted to setting up and filming just a single sequence. There are “explosions, automobile chases, cocktail balancing, underwater sequences, running, drinking, and more running…”

Florence Pugh said that she was “forever thankful” for the opportunity to participate in the performance. “Shooting this film during the height of the Covid meteor shower was no small feat, as the story was both epic and massive in scope. I shall be eternally appreciative to you for that, “During this time, she penned a letter.

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The hard work and care that you put into this project were evident at every turn; thank you. People started paying close attention to the drama behind the scenes of Don’t Worry Darling once they realized Pugh was not actively promoting the film on social media. Neither the actor nor his representative showed up to the press conference at the Venice Film Festival, and the actor also missed the premiere in New York City.

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