Kylie Jenner Accused Of Being Unsanitary While Creating New Makeup Wear

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

According to allegations, Kylie Jenner did not follow safety procedures at Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner captioned her Instagram post stating that her company is creating new magic for her customers, better than ever. Many of Kendall Jenner’s supporters were concerned that her thick, dark hair might get mixed up with the makeup she was “making.” The “Kardashians” actress also handled different materials without gloves on.

Page Six had learned exclusively from sources that Kylie Jenner was not present on the set when the videos and photos were taken. She was allegedly thinking about colors and developing new notions.

However, this was not made clear to her followers and fans.

Someone suggested Kylie Jenner is a hat for the video. Another one said they might find hair in their makeup purchase from the brand. Another one told the celebrity that she should wear gloves, masks, and a hair cap. Another person among the commentators joked, saying it was like giving a science class to a high schooler.

Kylie Jenner Got Accused Of Being Unsanitary: 

Kylie Jenner was constantly getting mockery and suggestions to wear the safety precautions. Some of her followers mocked her caption that she was in the lab creating pandemics for them.

The Emmy-winning makeup artist and cosmetic developer, Mr. Kevin Bennett, blasted Jenner for gaslighting her followers.

Bennett, in his post, said that working in a cosmetic manufacturing lab was a part of his job, and thus he has to keep his hair short, and he is not allowed in the labs without maintaining protocols of wearing a hair net and gloves.

The makeup artist exclaimed how ignorant a lab could be to let Kylie Jenner touch things without maintaining proper protocols and sanitation. His page also said that this is not how the industry works. He said everyone in the industry always has to follow strict protocols.