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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Fourth Stimulus Check Coming Soon For The American Citizens

Three lawmakers from the Democratic party gave a proposal the previous week with the motive to launch a brand new stimulus check that would provide money to the people to cover the increasing gas price. This stimulus check will be given to eligible citizens of America when the price of gas will increase more than $4 per gallon. 

Probability Of New Stimulus Check Due To Increasing Gas Price

Californian Rep. Mike Thompson, Lauren Underwood from Illinois, and John Larson from Connecticut recently introduced a bill on 17th March known as the Gas Rebate Act,  2022. According to this bill, every eligible American citizen will receive $100 every month to pay for the increased gas price. Moreover, for every dependent, another $100 stimulus check will be provided by the Government. 

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The plan to launch this new check is because American citizens are already facing issues due to cut-throat inflation and on top of it the price of gas is continually rising due to the tension going on between Russia and the U.S. As per the AAA, the recent national average gas price is $4.236 that was checked last on 6th March and such increase in price has been observed since 2008. 

The way every check was distributed by the Federal Government in two years, this gas rebate will also be distributed similarly. Each filer with an earning of less than $75,000 in a year will get $100 every month and joint filers with an earning of less than $150,000 will also be eligible for the stimulus check. 

In the views of Thompson, the actions of Vladimir Putin are putting a burden on the common people and thus these Reps are working together to come up with a solution. This Act would be opposed by the Republicans soon and most of the opponents believe that one more stimulus check would increase the demand of people.

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