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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Fourth Stimulus Check: What Has Happened To The Push For More Relief?

President Biden had signed the American Rescue Plan into effect, back in March 2021. It had sent 3 rounds of stimulus checks to the Americans worth 41,400 into their bank accounts.

Many Democrats had pushed for the fourth round of stimulus checks on the federal level, which has yet to happen. Neither did the fourth round of stimulus checks arrive nor did the democratic agenda increase in volume.

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Let us look into what actually happened.

Stimulus Check: Why Haven’t The Democrats Pushed For More

Lawmakers had written several letters to Biden and requested stimulus checks. These would hit the bank accounts of the Americans and would have been the fourth round of stimulus checks till the end of the pandemic.

While Americans are hopeful more in federal direct relief, progressive lawmakers have not focused on the fourth round of stimulus. Focus has shifted to Biden’s infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill in Congress in recent months.

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The American Rescue Plan is still providing relief to the people which includes the child tax credit. This started on the 15th of July and the last 2 monthly payments of either $250 or $300 monthly depending on eligibility occur in November and December on the 15th of both these months.

Several states are providing checks to their residents. There are benefits for both struggling renters and homeowners. Some industry workers are also eligible to get $600 this fall.

The Senior Citizens League is pushing Congress to approve a one-time, $1,400 stimulus check to social security recipients.

The pandemic is still continuing its wrath and there is only one question on people’s minds which is when will the Democrats push for another round of federal stimulus payments for the Americans?

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