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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Fresh Round Of Stimulus Check To Be Paid In May

Millions of fortunate Americans living in these states will get a state stimulus check in May if they qualify for it. At present, 4 states have finalized their stimulus checks to reach residents by the end of this month. This includes Chicago in Illinois, Delaware, California, and Indiana. The residents of these states are suffering from the high inflation rate that has proven to be a double blow after the pandemic.

California was the first of the mark with its Golden State Stimulus checks. The state is gearing up to send the stimulus checks to residents who are yet to receive them. While the 1st lot will be sent in May, the 2nd will be sent next month. To qualify, the residents of California need to earn less than $75,000, while they should have filed their returns by October 15 last year. The stimulus payments are in the range between $1,100 and $1,200.

Residents Of California Will Get Their Golden State Stimulus Checks

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Colorado residents could get a $400 stimulus check as individuals while couples filing jointly will get double that amount. These relief payments are being sent from the excessive state TABOR refunds. Around 508 million residents will benefit from this largesse.

Residents of Delaware will start receiving their stimulus checks from the last week of this month. While individual tax filers will receive $300, joint tax filers will get double that at $600. These refunds go out to people who have filed their 2020 income tax returns but did not make enough to file their returns.

Indiana is sending out a relief check to its residents that will be worth $125. Joint filers will receive $250. The payments are being sourced from surplus budget funds worth $3.9B which is expected to benefit 4.3M residents.

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Chicago residents will get prepaid gas cards as they feel the pinch of the rise in gasoline prices. Around 50,000 prepaid gas cards are being issued, 75% of them to members of struggling communities. 100,000 residents will also get Transit cards. While the transit cards have a value of $50, the gas cards are worth $150.

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