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Friday, December 9, 2022

Possibility Of $4.7 Million Fund Of Stimulus Checks For Alabamian People

The outbreak of Covid-19 resulted in the rampant loss of jobs of millions of people. The unemployment rate kept rising and people suffered because they did not have much savings and could not pay their basic bills like electricity, medical, and rent. This is where the stimulus checks had a great role to play.

Stimulus Checks: Good News To The Residents Of Alabama!

In most cases, the non-payment of rent for a long time results in the eviction of the tenants. Thus, to stop the mass eviction of tenants, an eviction ban of federal nature was implemented to protect the tenants. The ban in this rent policy expired the previous summer and since then, people are again suffering from huge rent costs. 

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The last stimulus checks were issued for rental help which amounted to almost $45 billion and has been distributed to major parts. There has been recent news that some residents of Alabama are getting relief finally as $4.7 million have been issued after the $6 million ran out in rent assistance. 

The economy of the U.S. was recovering after the pandemic gradually which was again interrupted with the outbreak of the Omicron virus. The financial hurricane stirred the lives of people and caused a negative setback in the share market. The early start of 2022 was again marked with more Covid-19 cases and again people started to suffer from the quarantine and lockdowns. However, these stimulus checks to the people living in Huntsville were a fresh breath of air. 

Scott Erwin, the Community Development Manager of Huntsville, stated that though all the people are eligible for this rent aid, only those who need them urgently will be prioritized. He also added that people with income less than the poverty line will be eligible for this stimulus check and those who have already received this benefit are banned from getting it again. The proof of income must be shown to the officials to get the benefit of this stimulus check. 

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