General Bytes Stopped Cloud Services After Hot Wallets Got Compromised

General Bytes

The ATM manufacturer for Bitcoin, General Bytes revealed that a hacker was successful to install a Java app in their terminals and ran the file that could have given them the access to send funds from different wallets. However, they stopped their services as soon as they learned about the news.

The ATM manufacturers for Bitcoin, Genral Bytes shuttered the cloud services as they discovered that their Hot wallets were compromised .

This Prague based company has revelaed on their website that they already sold 5k BTC ATMs to people around the globe. In their 18th March press release, the manufacturer issued an warning that explained that the hacker uploaded and ran a Java application through the service interface into the terminals that were trying to steal the user information of their users and more.

General Bytes Stopped Cloud Services:

The founder of the company, in their press release bulleting has talked about what the hacker could have achieved. The bulletin said that this would have helped the hacker to send or transfer funds from the wallets, ability to decrypt API keys with the access, download username and the passwords. It would have also helped the hacker to gain access to their event logs and scan for instances when customers scanned a key in the ATM.

The CEO said that they have done many security audits over the years since 2021. He said that none of these checks showed any irregularity or vulnerability. Some other stand alone cloud services like the once in the General Bytes were also a problem.

Even though the company said that the hacker send funds from the hot wallets, it did not disclosed how much they have stolen from the company.