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Gerald Butler Shares His Experience Of Almost ‘Burning Alive’ In The Sets Of Plane

The infamous “clumsy” star Gerald Butler marked another accident on the stage of his new film Plane, adding to his long list of misadventures. Scottish Actor Gerald Butler revealed on Thursday at the sets of Late Night with Seth Meyers that, while shooting for a particular scene he accidentally burns parts of his face with hazardous phosphoric acid. 

The actor goes on to describe his injury, during the final sequence of the film as he was seeking to figure out what’s the issue in the plane and sticks his hand between two wheels that covered him with blood and some sort of green fluid which he recalls to have no idea about.

Long Records Of Gerald Butler’s Accidents Ads Another One

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The star added that the shooting was held in the lands of Puerto Rico, due to which he was smothered in sweat. As he rubbed his face with those hands his entire face started burning including his throat, nose, mouth, and eyes. Whilst the actor was struggling in panic his crew was deliberately in a dilemma about whether to toss water on him or to keep shooting. Thankfully the injuries weren’t life-threatening but it prevailed to be an intense moment for the artist. He laughed the whole thing off by saying it was quite a sequence. 

Gerald Butler’s last injury was dated back to 2017 when he admitted to having been hospitalized three times within the same year. Around that time he had a motorcycle accident in the streets of Los Angeles and also injected bee venom in his veins not once but twice to treat inflammation. It’s safe to say the actor is not quitting his misdemeanor anytime soon. 

Butler is also rumored to have suffered a near-death accident while surfing for the shooting of the movie Men and Mavericks. He was dragged to a reef nearby after being pulled underwater at the shores of North California.

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